Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother Tree at a New Location

The Mother Tree will soon be growing roots again. MOTHER TREE continues her journey this May through July at ‘about space’ in Portland’s South Waterfront. ‘about space’ is a window gallery viewable from the outside, except during receptions and events.

Participatory Opening Reception | Thurs, May 27, 6 - 8pm
Closing + Performance by dance artist Tracy Broyles | Fri, July 30, time 6-8pm

I'm looking for a few crocheters to help me out... just in case you didn't get enough in during your visit/s or help with prep for The Mother Tree's debut at The Portland Building!

Here's what I need:

May 27, 6-8pm
I would like to have 5-10 crocheters "attached" the the milk strands, crocheting at the opening. Ideally, crocheters would also be willing to invite and show interested attendees how to crochet. I suspect that I will be busy talking to people about the piece.

July 30, 6-8pm
I am working with a dancer who will perform with Mother Tree. During the performance, I want to have people crocheting as well, just sitting or standing (even laying down) amidst the crocheted strands. The dancer will be the focus of attention, but she might interact with you in some way.

Will you join me? I'd be honored! Please let me know which date/s, and I"ll put you on a list and send a bit more info soon.
And if you don't feel comfortable volunteering to do this, please come to the events anyways!

And finally, if you have any natural fibers laying around that you'd like to contribute to the evolution of this project, please let me know :). I'm happy to pick them up (in Portland).