Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 3

My new friend Peter, the traffic engineer, is a regular now. He comes to crochet for about 30 minutes each day. He keeps an eye out for colleagues and tries to rope them in. So far no takers, but I think a few might come around. Today I met one of the women who sat on the panel which selected the artists who exhibit in the space; there was a gentleman who was looking at the piece from afar, so I started a conversation and we chatted about rock formations (the shape of the dress reminded him of formations in the Gobi Desert); and I spoke to a woman whose son goes to preschool in the building, among others. At the end of my crochet session, I walked over to the preschool to invite the older kids to come and finger crochet with me one day. Hopefully their teacher will connect with me and set something up.

There was also a flurry of activity on Twitter and Facebook today about my project pointing to:
Hopefully this will bring some folks down to the space.

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