Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 8

Today I had a lovely group of crocheters: Mary, who came to my open studio last fall and has recently moved to Portland; Eleanor, who took a class with me and then interned with me –  I thought she was in NYC but she has returned to Portland; and Susan, who lives in Los Altos, CA and visits Portland frequently to see her daughters – today she and her husband were looking at public art. Each one of them needed crochet lessons, and they all caught on fast.

People seemed interested in the paper today: What is that material? How did I make it? Did I stitch the designs in the paper? The paper is a double layer of abaca (my favorite translucent fiber from a banana plant). I embedded string patterns in between the layers and air dried the sheets to give it some texture. These were then glued together into eight panels, which were hand stitched to form the dress. (Since someone asked, I'll tell you) the arm holes are reinforced with a thin bamboo reed.

I forgot to mention some of the characters from yesterday. Among them were a 911 operator and a woman who was able to quit smoking by crocheting!

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