Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 7

When I walked into the space today, a class of preschoolers and their teachers were looking at The Mother Tree. I'd spoken to the preschool office about having the kids join me for some finger crocheting. The teacher polled the class and most of them were interested, so we'll be doing that in a few days. One of the kids told me that the sculpture looked like a rocket ship. Peter (my steadfast crochet buddy) was there and immediately made the connection – that the roots on the floor were like the fire of the rocket. I love what children see! When I was about 16, I babysat a 2-year old named Megan. I brought her to my house a few times, and she always mentioned the puppy in the abstract painting that hung in our family room. I never did see that puppy!

The yellow strand is hand dyed with turmeric. Reminds me of the luscious colors I saw years ago in the Turkish spice markets!

The word last night was touch. When I came in this morning, there was a note in the guest book that said "love being able to touch it". I thought the note referred to the paper sample that I have tucked in the guest book, but once again, Peter had an interesting insight. He thought that the reader had read this as permission to touch The Mother Tree!

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