Friday, February 26, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 9

It just keeps getting better! I walked in this morning to the following message from a visitor I was wondering if that would happen, and I'm pleased that the message was polite. I wonder if the guard said anything to the person... or maybe the guard did it!

People stopped by who came to crochet nights in the fall; I had a returning crocheter who brought another friend along; someone who works for the Regional Arts & Culture Council (the partial funder of the project) sat down to crochet a few links... News is spreading: I sent an e-mail to the Portland La Leche League with info about the show, and it got distributed to their list! A naturpath on the list read it, and today she came to crochet. And she brought a friend, too.

And finally, a young couple walked in to look at the piece with their sleeping 5-month old baby. I couldn't resist asking whether they would lie her down nestled in the roots. They did, and we all took pictures. That completes my visual for this paragraph that I wrote in the project proposal: The threads in “Mother Tree” symbolize the lifeline which connects all women to their past (to their mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and so on) as well as to their future (to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on). Each mother is alone and unique as a tree in a forest, but also in community sharing the same stages of life with other mothers. Creating the piece in a sewing circle with a group of women symbolizes that we are all one. Our presence, as well as the presence of this sculpture, will create a quiet sturdiness in the space.

And there are still 2 weeks left!

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