Monday, March 15, 2010

The Aftermath

I think it took about 20 people hours to deconstruct The Mother Tree. The unwinding or untangling wasn't too bad after all. I've got all of these beautiful balls of crocheted fiber ready to roll out for the next showing...

Speaking of that, a visitor last week told me about an interesting "competition" that will take place this Thursday night at ArtSpark here in Portland. Anyone who wants to can make a proposal for an exhibition; everyone who attends the event will vote; and one person will "win" a show at Disjecta, which happens to be in my neighborhood. I'm going to propose a variation of The Mother Tree and will share that with you in a few days. Anyone who would like to attend ArtSpark could potentially vote for TMT!

Joleen, who came to crochet last week, sent me these lovely images.

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