Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 17

I went in early today to tie on some roots before the activity began and to connect with the day care teacher at CityKids, the day care for city employees which is located in The Portland Building. Everything ran like clockwork. The kids were going out for recess when I arrived and their teacher said five of them could come finger crochet with me at 11:30am. Steph Stricklen from KGW showed up at about 11:35 with her cameraman to film us finger crocheting and then Steph asked me a few questions. We were done by noon, when I'd told everyone else to come. Oh well.

I got my husband there today, finger crocheting away. The TV show aired tonight at 7pm, but like me, it seems that not many people watch TV anymore... I haven't heard from anyone who has seen it. I should get a link for viewing it online tomorrow.

Today, another touching note in the mail. "Dear Helen, Please accept these two strands in honor and remembrance of my mother, who passed away on March 1, while I was working on them."

You, dear readers, and everyone who has contributed to this project, have made it a success! The reporter asked me about the community participation aspect today, and I said that it MADE the project worthwhile.

My friend, Margaret Davis, has a lovely blog and she posted something about the project today:

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