Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 12

Today was a good day! I enjoyed a lively conversation with my friend Alex (she learned to finger crochet, and look what she accomplished) and Manya, who read about the project in the Regional Arts & Culture Council notes, which came out yesterday.

A mother and her two children stopped by, read the statement, and spent about 5 minutes looking at the piece. The boy, who was about 12, was really intrigued, and perhaps even inspired. He told me "This is AMAZING". I was touched. When I was preparing for the project, I went over to my friend Julie Johnson's who works with natural dyes and we dyed cotton yarns with kakishibu (persimmon) and ceder bark. I wound these yarns into balls today and crocheted them.

Just as was getting ready to leave, a very enthusiastic woman came over and exclaimed how she wanted to participate. She has crochet needles and yarn and just needed a refresher on how to crochet. She was ready to go home and crochet a strand (her lunch hour starts at 1pm and I leave at 1:30), but I think she'll come crochet with me tomorrow.

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