Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 13

I was in the building at some odd hours (for me) today, and it was nice to hear the comments from those who have see The Mother Tree growing but haven't seen me. The pile of roots is really growing. Here, a volunteer crocheter ties on her root.

I am really itching to show this in a larger space. There are so many buried roots that you cannot see anymore. And that is fine - we don't usually even see at tree's roots at all, but it would be lovely to stretch them all out and see them. There is such a variety in each strand, from color, to fiber, to the size of the chain loops. My friend Julie brought in this artichoke dyed cotton (on the right) today.

This afternoon I had a visit from 20+ 3rd graders from Cedarwood Waldorf School. They learn how to crochet in 3rd grade and they were all so adept. One girl told me we were not crocheting, we were just making chains. They definitely know more than I do about crocheting!

They brought their own crochet needles and we all crocheted for about half an hour. As students finished their roots, we tied them all together and made a big ball.

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