Friday, March 5, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 14

Another busy day filled with interesting discussions. Keith, the Public Art Collections Manager for the city (which funded this project) came and crocheted for an hour and we talked about the ins and outs of public art. I was telling him that my first job out of college was working for the Percent for Art Program in NYC way back when. It was a short stint - my college (The University of the South) provided me with a grant to do something in public affairs, and one of my art professors knew someone who worked at the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. Needless to say, it has taken a LONG time to make this big circle back into the public art realm.

The connections I am making are wonderful, as are the ways people are finding out about the project. Today, besides Keith, a friend and her 2-year old stop by; someone who receives my newsletter told a friend of his and she came with a friend of hers; my regular traffic engineer Peter was there; Julie Johnson who spearheaded a crochet group this past summer stopped in with someone who was at her event; a woman stopped to say that she will crochet a root and bring it back; Nan Narboe, an acquaintance who came to a lecture I gave at Reed College 1-1/2 years ago came to chat; and finally, a women's history instructor from Clark College dropped by who had picked up an announcement at Happy Knits yesterday.

The closing celebration is next Friday from 4-6pm. I'm hoping for a good turn-out!

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