Monday, March 1, 2010

Mother Tree Project - Day 10

After sitting at the installation on Friday, I went by several knitting shops to drop off postcards about the show. It was great to talk to enthusiastic shop owners and employees about the project. One even told me that people had come in specifically to purchase yarn for the Mother Tree project. At one shop, Knit Purl, I found some lovely and unusual yarns which are distributed by Habu in NYC. The one pictured here is bamboo tape, which I crocheted today.

I had a couple of parents stop by who had visited the installation with their children. It was fun to hear their stories - one had read about the project at The Naked Sheep, my local knit shop, and her daughter crocheted a strand and dropped it off at my house (it was fun to discover several balls in my mailbox leading up to the Feb 1 deadline). This is one of the largest crochet balls I received... it must be at least 100 feet in length.

Sometimes I wonder whether people even look at my postcards amidst the other printed matter at various venues. I was happy to learn from a woman who came by today that she had picked up a card at my local library.

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  1. hello helen,
    i just got done looking through your blog about the dress. it is wonderful. it was so nice to be able to be a part of this fantastic community of art and crocheting. thanks for sharing your vision and the dress is absolutely incredible.
    best of luck with it all.